The Mum Show: Bringing Hope to Families

Craig von Buseck: Today with the Internet, parents are actually overwhelmed with information. So tell me how The Mum Show is breaking through the clutter to bring biblical answers to help parents today.

Marina Magdalena: The Mum Show will not dictate a parenting style. So the three women hosts and our guests usually all have different styles of parenting. Outside of our Christian values, we will have different values in our homes – things that mark who we are and what our family identities are. We’re really OK with the fact that everyone’s a little bit different. Audience members are free to watch The Mum Show and be OK, knowing that your values remain. We’re not trying to push people’s family culture in any direction.

The idea of The Mum Show is to say, “Let’s gather around, see what the Bible says, and understand a little bit about child development.” We talk a lot about what is going on in the brain, which is just the most incredible creation. It’s vital to be able to understand how the brain changes for children, and then how it changes for teenagers. It’s also important to know how our brains change and connect to our children, and then how those two things work together.

We really try to understand the actual biology behind what’s happening to give parents the tools they need.

For example, a parent might say, “My teenager is rude, and obnoxious, and not a very nice human being. I don’t know how to communicate with them anymore.” If you dive into what is going on in the teenage brain, you might turn around and say – “My teenager is confused, and worried, and panicked…”

CVB: And quite normal!

Marina:  “And normal! And I need to go connect with them right now because they need me.” One of the questions we are asking ourselves is, “What knowledge can we empower our audience with regarding child development?”

The other side of that question is, “What knowledge can we empower our audience with about God? About building your family on Jesus? About having at the center?”

I think the one theme that runs through The Mum Show is that wherever you are in your journey, whatever has happened up until this point, with Jesus there is always hope. There is always possibility for restoration. You may be watching the program and we are talking about the importance of early childhood bonding and connection. You may think, “I missed that. I know that for whatever reason, that didn’t happen.” We will always come back to the point of pausing to look at God’s word so we can encourage you to have Jesus at the heart of what’s happening in this family. We want to help restore this family so that from this moment on they are walking in a more positive place together.

I think that with so much information on the Internet, one of the problems we have that can turn parents against each other is when they say, “No, it’s my way or the highway.” All of a sudden, there are divisions among different parenting styles that really don’t matter that much. We believe the heart of it is to build your family on Jesus, do your best to understand what’s going on, and then walk out that journey together.

CVB: What are some episodes in these last two years that stand out to you from The Mum Show?

Marina: One of the episodes that felt really strong for us was when we talked about changing the spiritual narrative of your family. We talked about when you see where you come from and it is different from what you want to build. It’s about stopping to say, “How can we change the narrative of our family? How can we intercept things? We don’t have to just accept that because it’s always been this way, it’s always going to stay this way.”

We actually had my mother join us on that episode.

CVB: The Mum of the Mum!

Marina: Yeah! And this just brought the tears out for all of us. We were all just really emotional just understanding with gratitude the grace of God and the way He intervenes to help us move our families closer and closer to Him, really.

The other episode was called “Kids with Attitude.” We had so much fun, and such giggle, because everyone was honest, saying “Sometimes my kid’s got an attitude.”

In the United Kingdom, the secularist narrative is the default narrative – it’s what we assume everyone believes, unless someone is going to boldly express themselves otherwise. We just feel so led by God to offer something different into that narrative. To start saying, “You know, you don’t have to think that. You don’t have to just go along with that. There is actually another line of thought out there.”

I found that when people have children, they don’t know where to put all this huge emotion. They’re not used to carrying so much passion within them. Then you come along and say, “Actually, that passion fits really well in the Kingdom of God. That passion makes absolute sense when you start to realize who God is.” Then for this part of the audience, pieces start fitting together.

It was never our sole intention to reach a non-Christian audience. But it excites me so much every time people who don’t know Jesus come to me and say, “It’s amazing. My mind is blown. I never saw it like that.”

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Join Marina, Emma, and Clare for the ‘The Mum Show’, as they swap stories, challenge each other and discuss how to truly raise sons and daughters of promise to flourish in God’s purposes.

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The Mum Show

The Mum Show

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The Mum Show

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Join Marina, Emma, and Clare for the second season of The Mum Show, as they swap stories, challenge each other, and discuss how to raise sons and daughters of promise to flourish in God’s purposes – of course while dealing with the children’s behavioral problems, busy activity schedules, sibling rivalries, social pressures, fears, bedtime routines…and so much more! This dynamic mommy group tackles it all, while exploring a Biblical model of grace-filled parenting and considering the “mom-identity” that God has over every mom’s life.

This Christian TV talk show exists to add God’s voice to the modern-day parenting dialogue. The trio of a mom of two, pastoral care support leader, and qualified child development therapist offers the perfect balance of honest, soul-searching support in each episode of The Mum Show. So, for the mother who feels overwhelmed, has lost all sense of self and is in need of a good laugh or cry…make yourself comfy, because The Mum Show is designed to refresh moms just like you!

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Marina Magdalena
Marina Magdalena is the creator of the TV talk show The Mum Show. The mum of two, Marina uses her experience of facilitating, storytelling, and public speaking to bring out a wealth of wisdom and warmth from her “Mum Show” guests.

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Clare Hooper
Clare Hooper leads the Pastoral Care Department at Life Church Bradford. The mum of three, Clare uses her experience of offering pastoral support and care to many families to bring a deep and relevant message to The Mum Show.

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Emma Browne
Emma Browne is a qualified Play Therapist and Cognitive Analytic Therapist. Emma uses her experience of child development, mental health, and parent and child bonding to bridge the worlds of Christianity and modern therapy.

Dr. David Wilson

'Southcrest Live'
with Dr. David Wilson

TV Airings: Sundays at 10:30 a.m. US Eastern, 10:30 UK

Inspiration TV On Demand – Watch Now


Bio:Dr. David Wilson has one mission – and that’s to see the lives of both you and your family changed through a saving relationship with Jesus. Focusing on areas of marriage, parenting, finances, spiritual growth, and sound Christian principle, Dr. David Wilson delivers the Word of God in a way that is interesting and applicable for all. He holds a very high view of Scripture, believing the Bible to be the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God. So, verse by verse and book by book, David preaches the Bible, standing on the belief that there is a powerful story and solution to everything believers in Christ face in life.

Dr. David Wilson leads a warm and caring fellowship of believers at Southcrest Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas. Since the beginning of his pastorship over 20 years ago, Southcrest has tripled in membership and has even started Southcrest Christian School – a private school with a mission to love and value each individual by encouraging academic excellence, a strong Biblical foundation, and a Christian worldview for a lifetime of faith and service.

A combination of powerful ministries at Southcrest affords them opportunity to share the Word of God within their community, nationally, and globally. Such ministries are a reflection of the guidance and discipleship Dr. David Wilson and his congregation value as they consistently uphold their mission to see lives changed through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Southcrest is an autonomous church that is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention. They are also a member of the Lubbock Area Baptist Association.

Be inspired by the powerful messages from Dr. David Wilson on Inspiration TV Sundays at 10:30 a.m. US Eastern, 10:30 UK.

'Passion for God'
with Bola Olivia Ogedengbe

TV Airings: Saturdays at 4:30 pm US Eastern, 16:30 UK

Inspiration TV On Demand – Watch Now


Bio: Known for her boldness, faith, and uncompromising beliefs, the host of “Passion for God”, Pastor Bola Olivia Ogedengbe, is contagiously passionate about God and His kingdom. Committed to helping people connect to God and experience His fullness, her mission is to draw her generation to love God passionately and serve Him unreservedly – thereby fulfilling the purpose of their existence.

Through her TV broadcasts, Pastor Bola conveys the beauty and goodness of God, helping skeptics to connect with heaven, and urging believers to fall in love with the Master. The focus of the program is on communicating the Word of God in a clear and simple manner, stirring the hearts of all to know God, love Him passionately, and serve Him intensely.

“After travelling to more than one hundred countries, and meeting with people of diverse origins and walks of life, I am completely persuaded that the quest for meaning that haunts the human heart finds its fulfilment only in the Person of Christ.”

Pastor Ogedengbe, is also the founder of Theophilus Company and pastor of Abba House Church in Paris, France. In response to the leading of the Holy Spirit and encouragement of key leaders, she founded the Abba House Church as she pursued the dream of training and releasing men and women to plant churches across France and in the nations.

A recognized prophetic voice whose teaching gifts have touched lives globally, Pastor Ogedengbe has written several books including, “ReBorn: A New Identity” and “An Eye To The Crown”. Her meetings are marked with mighty demonstrations of the power of God and healings.

See how lives can be radically transformed and hope restored where situations seem bleak. Watch “Passion for God” with Pastor Bola Olivia Ogedengbe Saturdays at 4:30 pm US Eastern, 16:30 UK.

'Victory Above Only'
with David Robinson

TV Airings: Sundays at 3:30 pm US Eastern, 15:30 UK

Inspiration TV On Demand – Watch Now

Website: Victory Above Only Ministries

Bio:Pastor David Robinson has been faithful to preach the gospel all his life. Raised in a Christian home, he received his calling to preach at an early age. Celebrating more than 38 years as the Pastor of Victory Above Only Ministries in Hickory, North Carolina, Pastor David and his wife Lisa have true pastor’s hearts. They work side by side, with a deep conviction to share the hope and saving grace of Jesus Christ across America and internationally, broadcasting his legendary ministry messages both on radio and television!

Pastor Robinson achieved his Doctor of Ministry from Emanuel Baptist University. He is diligent to teach and model what a man God is called to be. He labors to create a healthy and dynamic church, one filled with the love and the excitement of the Holy Spirit.

Through his preaching ministry you will feel the passion and excitement to serve Jesus Christ intertwined with an unconditional love and commitment to help anyone in need.

Victory Above Only Ministries ministry program is dedicated to witnessing and teaching viewers, equipping them with understanding of how to apply the written Word of God to their lives! Watch “Victory Above Only with David Robinson” Sundays at 3:30 pm US Eastern, 15:30 UK.

'House on the Rock'
with Paul Adefarasin

TV Airings: Fridays at 9:30 pm US Eastern, 21:30 UK

Inspiration TV On Demand – Watch Now


Bio: Paul Adefarasin is an author, motivator, conference speaker and a very respected and sought-after minister based out of Nigeria. He is well known for his clear messages of hope, healing and empowerment. He is widely regarded as a visionary leader and bridge builder with the ability to transcend race, tribe and creed. His unique approach to ministry continues to forge strategic relationships between the church and secular communities in Africa.

House On The Rock is a ministry founded by Paul Adefarasin with over 60 partner churches in Europe and Africa. It is a vibrant, multi-ethnic congregation with over 7,000 worshippers. They believe that the power of God’s Word changes lives and value the practical application of the Bible. The church has a variety of different ministries that appeal to children, youth, adults, families and to a world of people hurting, lost and full of broken dreams.

Paul Adefarasin is also the founder and president of the Rock Foundation, a charity-based organisation committed to helping the downtrodden and disadvantaged in Nigeria and West Africa. He presently serves on the advisory committee for the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria and is the national president for the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigerian Youth.

“The Experience” is the largest annual musical event in Africa and is organised by Pastor Paul. Event attendance has grown at an extraordinary rate with 250,000 in 2007; 350,000 in 2008; 500,000 in 2009; 750,000 in 2010 and it continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Paul’s wife, Ifeanyi Adefarasin, is the co-pastor of House On The Rock. She is also the founder of the Woman To Woman Ministry that’s committed to social reformation, education, provision of healthcare and relief work amongst the oppressed and underprivileged in Nigeria and West Africa. Pastor Ifeanyi has a burning passion to see the empowerment of women in her generation, nation and continent.

“House On The Rock” is a weekly television programme that’s broadcast to millions. The television ministry continues to empower believers and bring non-believers to Christ.

Hear an encouraging word from Pastor Adefarasin with “House On The Rock,” Fridays at 9:30 pm US Eastern, 21:30 UK

Michael Olawore

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Show Name: “Maximise Life”

TV Airings: Friday at 6:30 pm US Eastern, 18:30 UK

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Michael Olawore

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He’s a church growth strategist, visionary leader, remarkable public speaker and the senior pastor of New Wine Church in London, UK. He’s Pastor Michael Olawore, a man on a mandate from God. Michael has been in full-time ministry for almost 20 years, continuing the legacy of his predecessor and dear friend, the late Dr. Tayo Adeyemi. While working closely with Dr. Adeyemi and sharing his passion for matters of the kingdom, Pastor Michael was instrumental in the birthing and formation of the church he leads today.

Pastor Michael’s unique desire for excellence and vision for the future allows him to inspire and challenge individuals, ministries, as well as corporate organisations to reach beyond their current state. He relentlessly advocates for progress and motivates people to maximise their potential by discovering, developing and deploying the unique gifts God has placed within them. He communicates the Word of God with passion, precision and great prophetic insight. Michael Olawore is passionate about taking the message of Christ to all corners of the Earth and has been involved in missions work in a range of nations.

Pastor Michael serves as the CEO of New Wine International. He is also on the board of Creflo Dollar Ministries Europe and various other organisations and community advisory boards in the UK. Michael is a family-orientated man who has enjoyed over 20 wonderful years of marriage to Lady Ayo. He feels she is the epitome of the Proverbs 31:10-31 woman and the quiet, prayerful tower of strength behind his continued success.

New Wine Church stays committed to their mission and they are convinced that every person has a destiny to walk in the mind of God. They feel that the greatest fulfillment in life comes when people discover their destinies and walk in it. The television show, “Maximise Life-New Wine Church,” helps to fulfil the church’s purpose and is broadcast to people in over 150 nations worldwide.

Watch “Maximise Life” with New Wine Church, Friday at 6:30 pm US Eastern, 18:30 UK

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'New Creation Church'
with Joseph Prince

TV Airings: Monday – Friday at 10:30 am US Eastern, 10:30 UK

Inspiration TV On Demand – Watch Now (Not available On Demand in the U.S.)


Bio: Highly regarded for his humorous, bold and inspiring sermons, New Creation Church’s Senior Pastor, Joseph Prince, is a leading voice in proclaiming the Gospel of grace. He is a dynamic speaker that not only leads one of Asia’s largest churches, but also impacts people around the world through his books, teaching resources and television ministry. Joseph is committed to helping people discover how they can reign in life through the gift of righteousness. His desire is to help this generation of believers realise how blessed, highly favoured and deeply loved they are by their heavenly Father.

God spoke to Pastor Prince in 1997 saying, “If you don’t preach pure, unadulterated grace, people’s lives will never be gloriously blessed and gloriously transformed.” God’s directive to him was to teach the free and unmerited favour without attempting to balance or mix it with the law. This resounding message completely changed the way he ministered to the needs of his congregation, inspiring the Grace Revolution.

New Creation Church TV allows Joseph to touch millions of people across North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. A few books that he has authored include: “The Power of Right Believing,” “Destined to Reign: The Secret to Effortless Success,” “Wholeness and Victorious Living” and “Unmerited Favor.” His strides as a pastor, teacher, conference speaker and author continue to transform lives and heal a hurting world with the loveliness of Jesus Christ.

“My ministry is all about exalting the person of Jesus and giving Him the central place in the Church by focusing people on His finished work at Calvary.” – Joseph Prince

Be inspired with NCCTV’s teachings of grace, Monday – Friday at 10:30 am US Eastern, 10:30 UK on Inspiration TV!

'ORU Live'
at Oral Roberts University

TV Airings: Monday 11:00am US Eastern | 17:30 UK

Website: ORU Chapel

at Oral Roberts University Monday 11:00am US Eastern | 17:30 UK

Bio: During the school year, Oral Roberts University’s students and faculty gather for regular Chapel services. Held every month in Christ’s Chapel on the ORU campus, the service is open to all the students and to the surrounding communities. The goal is to build unity and foster a worship life within the whole person: mind, body and spirit. This gives students the opportunity to be empowered to take the words that God spoke to Dr. Oral Roberts himself, “Go where the light is dim, and my voice is heard small.”

The services are recorded and broadcast live through the university’s television station and also via satellite. The television broadcast, called “ORU Chapel,” is directed from the television studios in the Mabee Center while the cameras and sound equipment are manned by students.

A typical chapel service features contemporary worship, a missions offering, special music and a sermon, typically from the president of the university, Dr. William Wilson, as well as special guests, including some of the world’s biggest and most well-known pastors, evangelists and spiritual leaders. Guest speakers through the years have included: Jentezen Franklin, Brian Houston, Marilyn Hickey, Craig Groeschel, Christine Caine, Carolyn Leaf, Ron Luce, Reinhard Bonnke and many more.

The founder of ORU, Granville Oral Roberts was one of the most famous and influential Christian leaders of the 20th century. Born in 1918, Dr. Roberts grew up to become world renowned as a healing evangelist, author and educator.

In 1955, Dr. Roberts revolutionised evangelism by bringing television cameras into his live healing crusade services and providing a “front-row seat for miracle” for millions of viewers. He helped people everywhere find a better understanding of God’s goodness and His desire to make them whole.

Watch “ORU Chapel” on Inspiration TV! Monday 11:00am US Eastern | 17:30 UK.