Have you ever thought about what Heaven is like? The Bible provides vivid images, but the words are often beyond our human vocabulary. How do we describe the indescribable?

One thing is sure: Heaven is filled with praise and worship. In the revelation given to John, he saw four living creatures surrounding God’s throne. These creatures never stop giving Him “glory and honor and thanks” (v. 9). They worship Him for creating all things. They know that by His will everything exists. They cannot help but praise Him!

Here on earth, we can experience something of what Heaven is like. In the midst of our daily lives, we can pause to spend time in worship. Regardless of what we face, we can focus on the Lord, thanking Him for all He has done; we can praise Him for giving us life and an eternal home, sending Jesus to die for us, forgiving our sins, and taking away our burdens. We can thank Him for all His promises.