God’s people should have remembered all He had done for them. He delivered them from bondage. He protected them and provided for them in miraculous ways. No foe was too big. There was no problem He could not solve. He never failed.

But when He directed them to enter the Promised Land, they hesitated. Instead of moving forward in faith, they sent spies into the land. Seeing giants and fortified cities, they concluded that defeat was inevitable. They even felt God must hate them.

It didn’t matter that God promised to go before them. Instead of rejoicing in His promises or being confident because of His faithfulness, they became discouraged and complained, allowing their hearts to be filled with fear.

Because of this disbelief, most were not allowed to enter the Promised Land. But God made an exception: Caleb and his children would be allowed to see the land. Joshua also was allowed to enter. Why were they so blessed? “Because [they] wholly followed the LORD.”

Caleb demonstrated an important principle. God has prepared special blessings for those who serve Him wholeheartedly, who trust Him completely, and who believe Him totally.

Caleb provides a model for us. We can trust God in every situation. What are the keys? Confessing His promises, believing His Word, moving forward by faith, not complaining but being thankful, and following Him with our whole hearts.