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Bio: ?Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor? explores the Bible like never before, giving you practical guidance on Christian living, prophecy and more.
For the past 25 years, energetic soul-winning evangelist and author Pastor Doug has been leading the ministry which has been reaching thousands of viewers around the world since the mid-1980s. Innovative, original and relatable, Pastor Doug has an unusual ability to communicate not only to churchgoers, but also to the unchurched throughout the world. Under his leadership, the ministry has grown exponentially ? reaching more people in more ways than ever before.
?Amazing Facts? now broadcasts multiple television programs and a live call-in radio program, ?Bible Answers Live,? on hundreds of media outlets around the world. Moreover, Pastor Doug has presented soul-winning seminars in New York, Africa, India, the Philippines, South Korea and South America, resulting in thousands upon thousands of baptisms and new lives in Christ.

In every area of outreach ? whether radio or TV, publications, prophecy seminars, training programs, Bible schools or the internet ? ?Amazing Facts? is giving people the biblical answers they need to make an informed and heartfelt decision for Christ, and equipping them to lead others to Him.

?Amazing Facts? is committed to proclaiming the gospel and the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14. The ministry believes in the imminent return of Jesus Christ and in doing their part to lift Him up to the entire world.

For clear, Bible-based programs proven to be powerful, relatable and life-changing, watch ?Amazing Facts? with Doug Batchelor Sundays at 9:30 UK, 9:30 AM US Eastern.