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Bio: Even after passing away in 2014, his teachings continue to air on television, radio, streaming and internet stations with Capps Ministries? broadcast ?Concepts of Faith.?

Meet Annette Capps
Annette Capps is an ordained minister, businesswoman and licensed airplane pilot. Her love for modern science and the teachings of Jesus Christ created a powerful interest that has allowed her to bridge the gap between the Bible and modern science in her book ?Quantum Faith.?

In addition, she has authored several other books, including ?Reverse the Curse in Your Body and Emotions,? ?Overcoming Persecution? and ?Removing the Roadblocks to Health and Healing.? Annette made guest appearances on ?Concepts of Faith? with her father Charles Capps, and continues to make new episodes. She currently lives in Oklahoma where she is the president of Capps Ministries.