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Bio:Dookhan Rampersad has been leading souls to Christ as a pastor for more than 25 years. Growing up, his father was Hindu, his mother was Muslim and he attended a Presbyterian Church. As he grew older, his life centred around confusion as he searched for the meaning of his existence or something to fill the emptiness that he felt in his heart. At the age of 25, God stepped in and filled that void.

One Sunday morning, Dookhan began looking at himself in the mirror and listening to a radio broadcast by Rev. Carlyle Chankersingh. In that moment, the Word of God rained down heavily upon him. He was convicted, noticing that his reflection in the mirror was contrary to the image that Rev. Chankersingh spoke of from the Bible. He then gave his life to Christ and never looked back. He immediately turned from a world of confusion to a life of purpose.

Pastor Dookhan went on to become the pastor at the Tableland Open Bible Church (T.O.B.C.) in Trinidad and Tobago. T.O.B.C. is a full Gospel, Pentecostal church founded in 1968. Their mission is to “proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ: that is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth.” He seeks to introduce all people to Jesus Christ so that they can have an intimate relationship with Him, dwell in His presence, walk in victory and enjoy Him on a daily basis.

Dookhan Rampersad’s television broadcast, “The Unchangeable God,” helps fulfil his church’s purpose and challenges people to seek a closer connection with the Lord.

Tune into “The Unchangeable God,” Tuesdays at 9:30 pm US Eastern, 21:30 UK.