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Bio:Dr. V. Dilkumar leads one of the largest full gospel evangelical churches in the Middle East. As the pastor of King’s Revival Church International in Dubai, UAE, the Lord has blessed Dr. Dilkumar’s ministry, showing His goodness with signs, wonders and miracles. Years ago, Pastor V. Dilkumar started a small house church with seven people. Now, King’s Revival has 7,000+ members and 24 pastors. His church in Dubai alone has 18 services a week. “Never did I ever expect such things, never, never,” he says.

He also oversees and supports many other churches. Miracle School for Healing and Wholeness inspires other ministers to rise up and preach the Gospel with the power of healing and wonders. Miracle Moments Healing & Blessing Festivals and “Miracle Moments” television broadcasts are sponsored by Dr. Dilkumar and his ministry, touching multitudes of people worldwide with lifesaving testimonies by the power and mercy of God.

Pastor V. Dilkumar imparts teachings in conferences and the Holy Spirit has inspired him to write the books entitled, “True Anointing and Gifts of the Holy Spirit,” “Jesus Christ Heals You Right Now,” “Miracle Life in the Kingdom of God,” “Rapture,” and “Signs, Wonders & Miracles etc.”

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