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Bio: Armed with a powerful vision and purpose, Peter and Bev Mortlock are making a significant impact on the world for Christ. They are the founders and senior pastors of City Impact Church in New Zealand. Peter and Bev are driven by their desire to build strong churches and help people encounter Christ. God has been and continues to be faithful to them as they have seen miracle after miracle as their ministry has grown and extended to become a network of churches across the globe. From the dawn of City Impact, they had hopes for it to become large enough to make a difference, and today that dream is being fulfilled. God has given them a simple, yet powerful, vision and purpose for their church to accomplish. It has been the same since day one, and that is to be a place that worships and glorifies God, witnesses people growing into maturity and wholeness, and watches souls saved.

Peter and Bev’s journey to this place, however, took time. Peter grew up in the small town of Taranaki, in rural New Zealand. As a youth, he was not a Christian, but his mother had a belief in God. When he was 13, his sister took him to a local church meeting where he had an incredible encounter with Jesus Christ.

“The preacher asked if anyone wanted to receive Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour, and I found myself standing with tears running down my cheeks,” he says. “I knew at that moment God was real. He touched my heart like nothing else I had ever experienced.”

Although he strayed and became rebellious in his teenage years, Peter returned to God, was born again, and filled with the Holy Spirit at age 21. These encounters made him the man he is today and led to a life dedicated to Christ.

Bev’s experience was a bit different as she was brought up in a Christian home, accepting Christ at the tender age of 4. “For me, the privilege of being brought up in a Christian home, which witnessed miracle after miracle, positioned me for a future where I knew that, through Christ, all things are possible,” she says.

Both pastors came from different backgrounds, but the beauty of Jesus Christ shows that He can use anyone from any background to perform His good works.

Impact for Life is a Christian television programme produced by City Impact Church with a fresh and innovative approach that features real life stories of people whose lives have been altered and forever changed by God. Both Peter and Bev are sought-after conference speakers, and they impact people worldwide through their media ministries.

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