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Bio:World-renowned evangelist Dr. Morris Cerullo has spent his life dedicated to fulfilling the call of God to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every living creature. As a faithful apostle and prophet, Morris has been a man on the move for the Lord for over six decades.

He gave his life to Christ at the tender age of 14, but was persecuted and forced to leave the Jewish Orthodox orphanage where he was being raised because of his faith. Morris began preaching at local churches by age 15. By the time he turned 20 years of age, he was pastoring his own 15-member congregation and also served as the janitor, maintenance man and landscaper. Eight months later, God?s favour shined brightly on him and his church, allowing his once tiny congregation to become one of the largest in New England.

God then called Dr. Cerullo to international ministry, so in 1961 Morris Cerullo World Evangelism (M.C.W.E.) was formed. M.C.W.E. has provided scholarships and assistance to many organisations and facilities around the world to teach and train new Christians. It is also known for its humanitarian support and has provided aid to Ethiopia, medical assistance in East Africa and helped build multiple orphanages in Mexico. Morris recognised that the key to reaching the world was to train natives to reach their own people-Africans aiding Africans, Asians aiding Asians, South Americans aiding South Americans, etc. This goal has been accomplished by conducting worldwide schools of ministry. Over the decades, Dr. Cerullo has instructed millions of nationals all over the world, who have gone on to teach and train millions more. There is a supernatural domino effect that takes place. When nationals are trained, they establish churches, ministries, businesses and organisations that help the poor, care for the homeless and provide jobs to countless numbers of people, thus multiplying God?s work and spreading God?s Word to people all around the globe.

Dr. Cerullo has personally ministered to presidents, prime ministers and heads of state in many nations. He has gone where others have dared to go. In 1976, during the height of apartheid, Morris was the only white minister who attended a meeting where more than 80,000 showed up to witness the power of God. Countless people were physically healed, and there was a supernatural blending that took place between the two races. In addition, Miracle Crusades sponsored by Morris Cerullo have impacted people greatly, healing individuals in countless nations from all manners of sickness and disease.

Dr. Cerullo has written over 200 classic Christian books, unique study Bibles and devotionals. He has produced an abundance of teaching and training resources on audio and video formats. God spoke to him one day and said, ?Son, now is the time to turn your eyes to the Middle East and begin to work for my people, Israel.? Morris Cerullo has been impacting the nation of Israel since 1968 through books, Bible correspondence courses, radio ministries, TV specials, crusades and even a full-length, prime time movie, which was broadcast to 14 million Jewish households. He provides assistance to churches and ministries so that they can expand their reach and continue ministering to those in Israel that are hungry for the truth of God?s Word. His television show ?Victory Today? can even be seen by countless people in Israel and abroad.

For his decades of ministry excellence, Morris has received numerous awards and recognitions as a global crusader for Christ.

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