Dr. David Wilson

'Southcrest Live'
with Dr. David Wilson

TV Airings: Sundays at 10:30 a.m. US Eastern | 10:30 UK

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Website: southcrest.org

Bio:Dr. David Wilson has one mission ? and that?s to see the lives of both you and your family changed through a saving relationship with Jesus. Focusing on areas of marriage, parenting, finances, spiritual growth, and sound Christian principle, Dr. David Wilson delivers the Word of God in a way that is interesting and applicable for all. He holds a very high view of Scripture, believing the Bible to be the inspired, inerrant, infallible Word of God. So, verse by verse and book by book, David preaches the Bible, standing on the belief that there is a powerful story and solution to everything believers in Christ face in life.

Dr. David Wilson leads a warm and caring fellowship of believers at Southcrest Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas. Since the beginning of his pastorship over 20 years ago, Southcrest has tripled in membership and has even started Southcrest Christian School ? a private school with a mission to love and value each individual by encouraging academic excellence, a strong Biblical foundation, and a Christian worldview for a lifetime of faith and service.

A combination of powerful ministries at Southcrest affords them opportunity to share the Word of God within their community, nationally, and globally. Such ministries are a reflection of the guidance and discipleship Dr. David Wilson and his congregation value as they consistently uphold their mission to see lives changed through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Southcrest is an autonomous church that is affiliated with the?Southern Baptist Convention?and the?Southern Baptist of Texas Convention.?They are also a member of the Lubbock Area Baptist Association.

Be inspired by the powerful messages from Dr. David Wilson on Inspiration TV Sundays at 10:30 a.m. US Eastern | 10:30 UK.

'Passion for God'
with Pastor Bola Olivia Ogedengbe

TV Airings: Saturdays at 4:30 pm US Eastern | 16:30 UK

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Website: bolaoged.com

Bio: Known for her boldness, faith, and uncompromising beliefs, the host of ?Passion for God?, Pastor Bola Olivia Ogedengbe, is contagiously passionate about God and His kingdom. Committed to helping people connect to God and experience His fullness, her mission is to draw her generation to love God passionately and serve Him unreservedly ? thereby fulfilling the purpose of their existence.

Through her TV broadcasts, Pastor Bola conveys the beauty and goodness of God, helping skeptics to connect with heaven, and urging believers to fall in love with the Master. The focus of the program is on communicating the Word of God in a clear and simple manner, stirring the hearts of all to know God, love Him passionately, and serve Him intensely.

?After travelling to more than one hundred countries, and meeting with people of diverse origins and walks of life, I am completely persuaded that the quest for meaning that haunts the human heart finds its fulfilment only in the Person of Christ.?

Pastor Ogedengbe, is also the founder of Theophilus Company and pastor of Abba House Church in Paris, France. In response to the leading of the Holy Spirit and encouragement of key leaders, she founded the Abba House Church as she pursued the dream of training and releasing men and women to plant churches across France and in the nations.

A recognized prophetic voice whose teaching gifts have touched lives globally, Pastor Ogedengbe has written several books including, ?ReBorn: A New Identity? and ?An Eye To The Crown?. Her meetings are marked with mighty demonstrations of the power of God and healings.

See how lives can be radically transformed and hope restored where situations seem bleak. Watch ?Passion for God? with Pastor Bola Olivia Ogedengbe Saturdays at 4:30 pm US Eastern | 16:30 UK.

'The Lord's Challenge'
with Joshua Daniel

TV Airings: Tuesdays at 7:00 pm US Eastern | 19:00 UK

Website: http://lefi.org/

Bio:Saved at the age of 15, Brother Joshua Daniel began his service for the Lord at age 16 when he began preaching to students. He saw remarkable conversions and revival through his ministry, starting with his college years in Madras, India. After earning a Master?s Degree in English language and literature, he started preaching with his father.

Young people have always been drawn to his meetings, and many of them have been delivered from all kinds of addictions, occult bondage, and fear. Several of these believers found direction and purpose in their lives and then began to reach people for the Lord.

God began to use Daniel in revival so mightily as a young man that many called him the ?boy revivalist.? As he learned to walk closely with God, he began to pray earnestly for souls. God gave him a great burden and vision to reach those who were lost with the Gospel. Over the years, God has allowed Brother Daniel to travel all over the world, and he has seen tremendous revivals through his ministry.

His only ambition has always been to exalt and glorify Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. He has labored tirelessly for the Lord all over the world through preaching, television, radio, and the Internet, with the single passion and vision to exalt Christ and help others come to know Him.

Discover how you can find direction and purpose and be freed from oppression through faith in Christ. Watch ?The Lord’s Challenge with Joshua Daniel? Tuesdays at 7:00 pm US Eastern | 19:00 UK.

'Joel Osteen Ministries'

TV Airings: Sundays at 9:00 am US Eastern | 9:00 UK

Website: joelosteen.com

Bio:?Now more than ever, people need hope. Together, we want to offer the miracle of unconditional love and unending hope found in Jesus to the world.? ? Joel Osteen

Hope is what inspires New York Times best-selling author, evangelist and the senior pastor of Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen. Joel?s father, John Osteen, was a highly respected minister and the founder of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas (US). After college, Joel began Lakewood?s television ministry where he produced his father?s sermons for 17 years. John Osteen encouraged Joel to preach, but he always declined preferring to work behind the scenes until God called him to deliver his first sermon in 1999. Little did he know that would be the last Sunday of his father?s life. Later that year, he was installed as the new senior pastor of Lakewood Church.

Joel?s encouraging, positive and thought-provoking sermons have allowed his following to grow at an extraordinary rate. According to Church Growth Today, his church is America?s largest and fastest growing place of worship. Joel Osteen Ministries uses various forms of media to spread God?s message of hope, love and victory around the world.

Nielsen Media Research sites that Pastor Osteen is the most watched inspirational figure in the US. He contributes his success to the fact that God is good and desires to bless people who are obedient and faithful to Him through Jesus Christ. He wants his own life to be an example of that principle and desires that everyone who hears his messages of hope and encouragement choose to accept the Lord?s goodness and mercy and become all that God wants them to be.

Tune into Inspiration TV on Sundays at 9:00 am US Eastern | 9:00 UK. Be encouraged, blessed and inspired by Joel Osteen?s messages of hope!

'From Israel to the Nations'
with Dominiquae Bierman

TV Airings: Thursdays 9:30pm US Eastern | 21:30 UK

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Website: kad-esh.org/

Bio: Spearheading the Messianic Apostolic Prophetic (MAP) revolution, Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman is the director of Kad-Esh MAP Ministries International and president of the Global Revival MAP Bible School. Working with her husband, Rabbi Baruch Bierman, she has traveled to more than 50 nations around the world preaching the original Gospel with signs, wonders and miracles following. Archbishop Dominiquae preaches that now is a time of anointing and redemption as God prepares to move in the nations! It is time for the greatest restoration of all times, the Jewish people back to their homeland and their soon-returning Messiah, and Christians back to the original Gospel taught by the Jewish apostles 2,000 years ago!

Dominiquae Bierman earned a PhD in Religious Philosophy from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary in 2004 and was elevated to the office of archbishop in the Trans-Atlantic Pacific Alliance of Churches in 2016, becoming the first female Jewish archbishop in the world. Archbishop Dominiquae has a triple mandate to raise the church as an Esther, bless Israel and save the nations, a mandate she is fulfilling through Kad-Esh MAP Ministries and her televised broadcast, “From Israel to the Nations.” She also has written many books focused on restoring the church to its original apostolic Jewish foundations and calling the nations to repentance, including “Sheep Nations” and “Grafted In.”

Archbishop Dominiquae and Rabbi Baruch Bierman oversee Kad-Esh Ministries in the US, Peru, Finland, Norway, Ecuador, the UK and Papua New Guinea. The US ministry is located in St. Augustine, Florida.

Catch Archbishop Dominiquae Bierman on “From Israel to the Nations” on Thursdays 9:30pm US Eastern | 21:30 UK.